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Hotel Laguna Park is committed to the policy of environmental protection

Hotel Laguna Park is committed to the policy and practice of sustainable development and environmental protection.


Our goal is to achieve excellence in our activities, applying the best "green" practices, namely:


To raise awareness of our business  partners,  staff,  and guests of the need for environmental policies and practices


To encourage partnerships with suppliers who engage in such practices


To monitor the process of implementation of environmental practices in our operations



             Our policy on environmental protection includes the following:



              Energy efficiency and savings:


              We strive to save energy by using regenerating  energy / solar energy to heat water for use in the laundry sector and the  the water heating system /

              Gas sector for the needs of the kitchen at the restaurant to warm water for some of the machines, and also  in the laundry sector and water heating for bathrooms.

              Usage of  energy-saving lighting in hotel

              Automatic switching off lights in rooms by using key cards, and automatically  switching  off the air conditioner when you open the balcony door



                Water saving:


               We allow our guests'  linen and towels be changed at guests'  request, after giving information to  the housekeeping department.

                In  the bathrooms we use  bathroom taps and  water sprayers for saving water

                Toilet cistern in the bathrooms are equipped with automatic two-stage buttons to start and stop  water





             Waste management:


                  We separate waste / paper, glass, plastic /

                  We try to save paper in offices and, where possible, avoid printing of letters and documents,by using e-mail communication only.

                  Household waste from the restaurant and kitchen are bought by an external company under contract.







          Suppliers and products:


           We work mainly with suppliers, implementing green practices. The restaurant displays  butter, jam, milk in  large bulks, avoiding  small disposable containers.


            The hotel has a well-maintained park, providing relaxation and coolness in summer days. Cleaning and watering are also conducted in accordance with our policy on saving  natural resources - irrigation system for automatic watering at night, and  use of industrial water.


           We'll be  grateful to our  guests if they  join us in our  initiatives to protect the environment, and in understanding and using them to achieve the intended results.

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