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     Laguna park and Aqua park hotel was established in 2001 and since then we are working on providing best quality services to our guests. For this purpose we are improving the conditions for living and entertaining of our clients, by almost every year investments in building of new facilities and improving the existing ones.


    We are offering to our clients services inside the hotel premises, but mainly outside activities in our green park with more than 200 trees , bushes, grass and flower species. We are taking care of the environment, considering it as of essential importance for the human's health and wellbeing, and are dedicated to  preserving the nature and providing best conditions for recreation of our guests.


    During the years from the foundation of our company, we addopted the idea of Sustainable tourism as our main purpose, and in all our activities in the Tourist industry we strictly follow all the aspects of Sustainability.


    The hotel owners and managers firmly believe, that sustainable tourism will be the driving force for economic  prosperity.


 The most important aspects for our  development as a socially responsible company are:


  • to remain a family owned company, with financial stability.
  • To continue sharing with guests, employees, suppliers and partners our dedication to the preservation of environment
  • to support local community
  • to provide high quality services to the increasing number of loyal repeating guest
  • top increase our  investments in new facilities and refurbishments, together with introduction of new  sustainable itiniatives for preserving nature and region
  • ethical and successful hotel management, by communicating with all levels of employment and involving them in our sustainableinitiatives



Here are some points showing our commitment to the Sustainability in tourism:




  1. Reuse, reduce and recycle -  ENERGY,  WATER, WASTE


              Our activity could bring many benefits to all involved in it, but it also could have harmful impact to the environment and our lives, if managed incorrectly.


               We follow a program for reducing the consumption os energy and water, and also – waste production.


                We are trying to  involve all our guests in our initiative to reduce towel washing by encouraging the guests to leave the towels for washing to the bathroom floor.

                We reuse the white towels, which can not be used or bleached, by dying them in yellow or orange colors and using them as pool towels.


                 Bed linen is changed 2 times per week, in order to reduce energy usage.

                 We try to involve guests in our initiative for energy saving, by asking them to expect only wet and dirty towels, thrown on the bathroom floor to be washed and changed.


                 Staff is requested to respect this procedure.


                 Since  season 2015 we implemented the key-card system for unlocking the rooms and switching on and off the electricity in the rooms. So we managed  to reduce the energy consumption in comparison with the previous years, by not allowing the enery using in case the guests are not in the rooms. We are thankful to our guests for the understanding.


             Since  2015 we are using alternative energy sources, such and solar energy and methan gas for water heating, airconditioning, laundry and cooking.


              We are also using new generation kitchen appliances and machines, with low usage of energy.


             We are using low energy electric bulbs, time-programmed lighting system in the communal areas, incl. corridors, lobby areas, external lightening. We also use time control of our irrigation system in the park and garden, using night energy and watering.


              Air-conditioning is controlled by a system of switching off when the balcony door is open.


              We have a programe for using big quantity packages for construction works, hotel consumables, and kitchen products. 


             The laundry machines are strictly controlled for working only in  full capacity. 

             Aerators have been fitted in tabs, and low-flow shower heads are used in the


              Water consumption is being monitored and regularly water supplying system repaired if technical problems occur.


             Waste is being separately collected and delivered to a licensed company for recycling.


Used oil has been collected in kitchen for separate delivery for recycling.


             Refillable soap dispensers are used in the communal washrooms.


             Since season 2018 we started using soap and shower gel dispensers in all the bathrooms, instead of single packed individual soaps and shower gels.



  2. Hazardous materials


All prohibited chemicals in Bulgaria are not used in Laguna park hotel.  The empty containers for chemicals for pool maintenance are collected by the company supplying them.



  List of toxic products in use:


     -   batteries

  • electric bulps
  • fluorescent pipes
  • computer toners
  • computer components
  • mobile phones
  • synthetic paints
  • Hipochlorite
  • Hidrochloric Acid
  •  CTX 15 PH reducer
  •  CTX 500 Algicide
  • cleaning solvent
  •  desifectant


All these hazardous materials are a subject of strict control and are locked in special store rooms, with limited access of staff.

We take part in the Year Actions of the Eco-department of the Nessebar municipality – which take place every year in May, where a licensed waste company collects the hazardous materials. We have protocols for all the items disposed.  





           We respect the rights of every human being, and deeply value the importance of all members of our staff.

           All our  employees are treated fairly and are not discriminated against irrespective of religion, belief, gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, culture or disability.


            We are employing more then 200 persons and all of them have:


- personal working contract with the working hours and main working conditions in it


- we have a disciplinary and grievance policy, and the staff is informed about th eprocedures, their rights and responsibilities


- the staff has been  initially  and periodically instructed and trained for professional issues and also – health and safety procedures, including fire training. The working conditions are checked to be maintained optimal, and to prevent accidents and to ensure the well being of the staff.


- We provide free uniforms, food during the work time and free transport to all our employees.


- We have yearly medical checks for the employees


- senior management is accessible to solve staff problems


- Employees are free to join the professional unions and meetings.


-Most of our employees are recruited from the local community So we help to achieve social stability of the region

- Additional training and language courses are possible for those who need  professional improvements


 Staff signs short information letters at starting their work, information materials could be found in the staff premises.




               Laguna park hotel Management works closely with  the local communities and strives to help achieving higher living standard of the people involved and the region as a whole.


        We hire staff mainly from the schools for Tourism in the region and the country.

Most of our staff is qualified in the field of tourism.


        Our buying policy helps the development of local suppliers. This is a proof of our commitment to supporting the local economy.


        The following produce is purchased locally:

  • Local wines are purchased, recommended and available on the wine list.

Bulgarian  cheeses made in the region

  • Bulgarian  honeys, marmalade, jams and preserves.
  • Mineral water 
  • Meat sourced locally.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables sourced locally.
  • Serviettes and plastics sourced locally


         Donations and Charity:

         Our Hotel  is committed to supporting the local charity  and participating in charities activities:


  • Food is given to local organizations for distribution to underprivileged members of the community.
  • Local charities are sponsored and receive donations at different events throughout the year.
  • In Years 2015, 2016, 2017, we donated  some used furniture from the rooms and gym facilities to organizations in the region /hospitals and other institutions /




Children have rights!

Laguna park hotel is  working towards raising awareness of child abuse and the correct procedure to raise the alarm of a potential case of child abuse within the hotel.


We  do not use child labour and respect the minimum legal working age.


The hotel management is aware of the dangers of crimes being committed by the misuse of tourist travel facilities and as a consequence feels a responsibility towards minors staying in the hotels.


 Employees are sensitized to report any inappropriate behavior or interaction between an adult and child that is perceived suspicious,


 Personnel and staff members must report any inappropriate behavior to a superior who will take the action they consider necessary – reporting to the local police or corresponding tour operator.


We request guests to report any behavior that could be considered inappropriate towards a minor to a member of management who will take steps to investigate accordingly.


We have provided information to hotel guests and staff members with the telephone numbers and e-mail address of the responsible institutions.





 As a hotel wit more than 17 years history, we've acknowledged  that Quality is important to our business because we value our guests.


We strive to provide our guests with the services that meet and even exceed their expectations. We are committed to continuous improvement and have established quality assurance procedures that provide a way for us to measure and improve our performance.


To support us in our aim of total customer satisfaction and continuous improvement throughout our business we have  “Client Questionnaires” which are filled in by our guests in their rooms, and are being delivered to  a box at reception. Every week our guest relation officer collects them and makes  statistics, which is being later discussed by the senior management.


Thus we  are able to identify areas that are in need of improvement, on some occasions we also respond individually to clients regarding their stay.


The General  Manager communicates the results of the questionnaires with the heads of departments.


A customer complaints procedure is in place in accordance with the  Bulgarian  tourism legislation and the requirements of the corresponding tour operators.


Employees receive training to develop in their roles.



The General Manager and the Hotel manager are  managing the hotel on-line reputation: monitoring comments on tripadvisor, Holidaycheck. booking.com and Zoover; communicating with guests via Facebook posts and responding to comments; regular mailings to an extensive client database.


Internal procedures are reviewed regularly and our quality objectives are communicated to all our employees through team meetings.


Laguna park hotel has achieved the following awards and certificates:


  • Travelife gold award winner for 2017-2019, in the previous years consequently bronze and silver award winners,
  • Traveler choice winners for 2014,2015,2016, 2017, 2018 in  TripAdvisor
  •  Zoover recommened for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018
  • Holiday check recommendations
  • Diploma from the Bulg. Hotel and restaurant Association as the Bwst 4star hotel for family vacations – 2012
  • Best leisure hotel on the Balkans -2013
  • Fisher award – 2015
  • Robinson Tours – Hungary certificate /in the top 10 hotels/
  • Marque of excellence from Thomas cook for 2006
  • Eco hotel Certificate and ISO22000 Certificate
  • Luxory Travel Guides – European awards 2017 Shortlisted



  APRIL , 2019                                      




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