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Laguna park & aqua park hotel applies the requirements of Quality, Food Safety and Guest Satisfaction, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Systems, sustainable environmental practices and expert staff adopted a continuous improvement approach based on legal requirements.

You could get acquainted with our policies and achievements in the field of Sustainable tourism, and we hotel to make it your aim too.





Hotel laguna park and Aqua park – Sunny beach, was  established to provide high quality accommodation and leisure services to our guests.

Quality is important for our services, as we strive to provide our guests with services, that meet and even exceed their expectations.

We are commited to continulus improvement and have established quality assurance procedures, that provide a way to us to measure and improve our performance.


We have the following system and procedures in place, to support us in our aim of total customers satisfaction and and continuous improvement of our business:


a/regular collecting and monitoring the guests feed back – at reception, the guest relation officer, later discussions and actions by the managers

b/customer complaints procedure  - verbal and in written, with details of the case and measures taken by the staff

c/training and development of all employees – at the start of the season, and in the process of work

d/regular monitoring of the feedback, and taking action to improve when identified /the best way – actions during the guest's stay/

e/ measurable quality objectives which reflect our service level standards /i.e. Quick and efficient check in, number of positive reviews, lack of complaints/

d/regular reporting to management of our guest feedback and complaints /everyday or weekly – according to the case/


    Our internal procedures are reviewed regularly and our quality objectives are communicated to all our employees through our Company Notice board /in the different  departments'  premises, and at  team meetings.


Though the managers have ultimate responsibility for quality, all employees have a responsibility in their own areas of work, helping to ensure that quality is embedded across the whole property.




Our Team from Hotel Laguna Park is always concerned about our guest well-being. That's why we would like you to be aware of these Health and Safety instructions. While traveling you experience a different culture and way of life. That comes with different stay standards when you're traveling aboard. Please take the time to read this information carefully.


FIRE SAFETY                                                                                                                                                         

Please read all the fire safety information provided in your room and around the hotel. Make sure you know

where the nearest fire exits are. Take care when discarding matches and cigarettes. Always use the ashtray

Provided. Smoking is forbidden inside the hotel.




Make sure you are away  from the lift doors as they are opening and closing. Do not use the lift in an event of

fire. Do not leave your cildren unsupervised in the lift. No smoking in the lift. There is an alarm in the lifts. In

case you need help press the button and hold for a while. Someone will come to help you.



When you're going for a meal please make sure you are dressed properly. Most importantly make sure you have shoes,

trousers and reasonable top on. Entering the restaurant with no shoes on is strictly forbidden due to possible

breakage of plates, glasses etc and health reasons. You might be asked to get changed.

Entering the restaurant wet and with towels which are wet is not welcome as well. Getting water on the floor

causes unwanted accidents.

When you are at the restaurant you can use hand disinfectant located at the entrance. Even after washing your hand

we want to make sure you are as much as possible provided with the thing needed to have a healthy meal.

Please note that when ordering drinks at the Pool bar you will be served only in plastic cups. Glass is NOT allowed

around the pool area.

When ordering a drink at the Lobby bar, but going to the pools after, make sure you are provided with a plastic cup.



Never leave your child alone in or around the pool.

Information boards include certain rules. Please follow them.

Always wear non-slip footwear around the swimming pool.

Glass is strictly forbidden in all pool areas.



Make sure you know your way around. That includes fire exits, medical help, electricity safety.

On arrival be observant and take a note on where the fire exits are. In case of fire DO NOT USE THE LIFT.

Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult in the lifts.

If you need medical help contact reception or our medical centre near the quiet swimming pool.

We ask you to not enter the hotel wet. Wet floors cause accidents.

It is not safe to hang from the balconies and windows of your room




                At Laguna Park Hotel, our senior managers are committed to environmental protection and strive to reduce our property’s operational impact on the environment.


                Through our environmental policy we will:

  • Ensure we comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Measure our environmental performance against our objectives and targets, making sure that we regularly review our progress.
  • Train our staff on our environmental commitments, so that they understand the role they play in delivering our objectives and targets.
  • Invite our guests to support our efforts to reduce our environmental impact.


To achieve our environmental goals in 2015, we will:

  • Achieve and maintain our Travelife for Hotels and Accommodations award
  • Reduce our energy consumption by 5 % compared to 2013 by installing energy-efficient lighting and movement sensors in all public areas
  • Reduce our water consumption by 5 % compared to 2013 by maintaining the taps and making sure there is no water wastage. The water we use is spring water. We ask you to use it carefully and we expect you to understand the need of it’s effective consumption including the washing of the hotel linen and towels. (Please read the instructions set in the bathrooms)
  • Reduce the waste we send to landfill by 10 % compared to 2013by separating all our waste streams including glass, paper, cardboard etc. and identifying opportunities to reuse or recycle these materials.
  • Maintain our non-smoking policy. All rooms in Laguna Park Hotel are a non-smoking area along with all the premises in the interior parts.
  • Installing a key-card system helps us reduce the electricity consumption when not needed. Our guests take part in our mission as well. When leaving the room they remove their card and save the unused energy.
  • We will reduce the use of potentially harmful chemicals in our operations by 5 % compared to 2013 and find biodegradable or natural alternatives.
  • Put in place a plan to protect and conserve the nesting sites of endangered species located near to the hotel and encourage our guests to take an interest.
  • Ensure that 30 % of non-consumable products are made from recycled content.



Laguna Park Hotel offers the comfort of a medical center 30 seconds away from its main entrance. Saint Nicholas Medical Center is open for Laguna Park guests, to tourists from any other hotel and including locals.

Laguna Park Hotel is open for all visitors. They could use the all-inclusive and if they are not hotel guests they can use some of the facilities under a certain price.

There are no restrictions to who uses the facilities, such as “men only” and “female only”.

Laguna Park Hotel has a written policy which is committed to respecting children’s rights.

The Laguna Park Team makes sure that the access to water and other services that are required by local people is not blocked.

The Laguna park team is respecting the rights for good life and work for all people in the region, and most of our employees are from the near to Sunny beach region, no matter their religion, sexual and mariage or gender status.

The Laguna Park Team gives as much as possible information about the hotel, resort, surrounding area and local traditions to our  guests.We'll be happy if our guests buy local souvenirs, or bulgarian goods, or visit local dance or traditional bulgarian folklore restaurants, and thus they will help the preserving and development of our local community.

   More  information could  be found at Reception and the hotel guest relation officer. They are also included and encouraged to discussions about the information given which they can read at any time in our Info book.            


         We, the Senior management of Laguna Park Hotel - Sunny Beach take care of the children and their welfare and protection as our main task.

         In this regard, we will monitor the strict protection of the children's rights for a peaceful and happy life, and we call upon the staff and guests to be exclusively responsible for the  children, including the children of our guests.

        With regard to the protection of children's rights,  in the cases  of grossly obscene and inappropriate behavior towards children, including sexual assaults, the staff and guests should alert the relevant authorities: hotel management, security, police to take appropriate measures.

We  appeal  for vigilant attitude towards every child outside and within the hotel.

       At seeing or receiving  information about a child who is visibly suffering from parental or other person's aggression (with traces of injuries, beatings, weeping, being left alone in the room without its parent, or being together with adults in the bars late in the night/ to report to a receptionist, hotel manager or other member of the management team, and, if necessary, directly to the police / EMERGENCY LINE  112 /

                          State Agency for Child Protection: fax: +359 02 980 2415

                                             e-mail: sacp@sacp.government.bg

                  Agency for Child Protection - office Burgas - tel / fax +359 56 827153




NESSEBAR INN LTD,  owner of Laguna Park Hotel,  is committed to treating all people fairly and we are  taking actions  to eliminate discrimination in our  business. We clearly understand our human rights responsibilities, and we focus on the following human rights areas:


We are strictly following the legal rights of all people to apply for a working position according to the  professional qualification, to have normal working conditions, legal labour contracts, equal payments for men and women for the same job.


We also protect  the health and welbeing of all the children and do not hire or use children labour.


We strictly respect the rights of all local people for work and living conditions, and do not deprive them from their normal  living conditions. Further more, through our activities in Tourism business, we increase improve their wellbeing.


All our employees have written contracts, with the working and payment terms in them.Everyone receives  a signed copy  at commencing work in our company. The staff  has the freedom to start work without paying any deposits, and they are ready to leave work when they consider it necessary, without penalty.


We do not retain any personal documents of our employees.


We keep the copies of all the salaries paid, and the salaries are more than the average in the country. The working time complies with the national legislation. We have clearly written disciplinary policy and the staff is dully informed for it. We have clearly stated antidiscrimination policy, and and example for this is having colleagues from different religious and social status.

We ewually train and care for the professional knowledge of all our employees, no matter from their religion, sex, or social status.

We require, that all our subcontractors strictly follow the antidiscrimination and preserving human rights policy. 

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