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Blackhole&Rafting Slide
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Blackhole&Rafting Slide

The combination of open and covered water slide will appeal both to adults and grown up children. The facility has a starting height of 10.60 m and length of 102.50 m and offers a safe and, at the same time, adrenaline-boosting water adventure. 

For safety reasons there is height restriction - minimum 130 cm. Guests /children smaller  under 130 cm high, could use the slide if only using the double rings, accompanied by a parent. 


The clear water in the pool, the bright colors and sharp bends of the Blackhole & Rafting Slide, the feeling that you're flying above the canopy of the trees in the Park – everything is done to bring you joy and make you feel cool while going down the slide.  

Moreover, you can safely enjoy the facilities as long as you want without waiting in lines and getting nervous in the crowd – the water attractions in aquapark are available only to the guests of the Laguna hotel. 

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