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Children's pool with a pirate ship
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Children's pool with a pirate ship

The younger guests of aquapark Aqua Laguna club will definitely enjoy the new swimming pool for children – the pirate ship. The area of the pool is 333 sq m. It is 40 cm deep. The pirate ship itself is a facility which offers entertainment for younger and older children. It is located in the pool, and it is equipped with: 

4 slides, which run into the water; 
2 water cannons; 
6 water rings; 
dolphin shower; 
water mushroom. 


Children's entertainment means rest and relaxation for their parents. There are comfortable lounge chairs surrounding the children's pool – you can lie back on them. The other water facilities are nearby. The best of all is that they are just for you – the guests of our hotel, outsiders are not allowed. 

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