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Space Boat
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Space Boat

Ride on an inflatable boat for two down the red-and-white interlaced stripes and curves of the Space Boat – this is a great experience for young and old. The facility has open and covered sections, its starting height is10.60 m, and it is 46.79 m long.


You can descend it alone, with your child or loved one – high adrenaline and fun are guaranteed. For safety reasons there is height restriction - minimum 130 cm. Guests /children smaller  under 130 cm high, could use the slide if only using th edouble rings, accompanied by a parent. 

You splash in the pool into which the two other facilities run. The water is clear and cool. There are lounge chairs around it on which you can relax. If you need to share an active rest with family and friends –aquapark Aqua Laguna club is your solution. Only the guests of the hotel have an access to it, so besides the fun, your peace is also guaranteed.



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