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Children's swimming pool
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For kids

Children's swimming pool

The young guests of the Laguna Park Hotel can have fun at and in the 2 children's pools.

The Pirate ship pool offers 4 kid's water slides and other water attractions: a dolphin shower, a rainbow shower, a mushroom, water guns.  It is located close to the main pool and the park so that the parents can have good visibility.

The Octopus kid's pool has 3 waterslides and is situated in the quiet area in front of the hotel near the Relax pool. 
We advise our guests to accompany the children up to 12 years of age when they use the pool, so that we don't need to worry about their safety. The kid's waterslides are for kid's use only. 
There are sunbeds, umbrellas and mats around the pool. You can sit closer to your children while they are playing in the water or having fun, during the children's animations.  Please, keep always an eye to your kids in the water. 
Everything in the Laguna Park Hotel is aimed to create  a comfortable holiday both for children and adults. We are sure that you will appreciate it and you will have fun together with your children.

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