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The snack-restaurant of the Laguna Park Hotel will be a favorite place for your childrenр as well as for everyone,  who likes to have a meal between main meals.

On  the Snack-restaurant  buffets you will find delicious pizzas, hot dogs, hamburgers, dunner-kebabs, salads, ice cream and soft drinks.


You can reach the snack-restaurant if you go along the sidewalk path besides  the terrace of the restaurant.


In addition to a cosy  indoor hall, the snack-restaurant also has an outdoor terrace surrounded by greenery and flowers.
The snack menu is prepared by our chefs, the products are always fresh and supplied by local producers.
Try our fast and tasty food every day between 10.00 and 17.00 at the snack-restaurant of the Laguna Park Hotel.

We know how often one  gets hungry when he's having fun.

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