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The open-air  amphitheater of  Laguna Park Hotel is like a magnet for evening entertainments. The program begins every night at 21.30 hours. It can hold an audience of up to 300 people, and the performers in each show have a high level of expertise. Dancers, conjurers, entertainers, who involve the audience to participate in the show - every show you will excite you and create unforgettable memories.
Before the evening show, a children’s mini-disco is organized on the stage of the amphitheater. Our youngest guests dance and have fun to an amazing  music.
Start your evening with an exciting cultural program, and then - charged with energy and wonderful experiences - continue with a walk on the shore, a drink or dance.
The amphitheater is located immediately next to the foyer of the hotel. Meet your friends in the lobby bar, share a drink and then continue with the entertainments. Sounds good, doesn't it? 

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