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The animation programs of the Laguna Park Hotel are the quickest and most enjoyable way to meet new people and make friends with them and easily share crazy entertainments.
The animation team consists of young, smiling and charming animators, who put their hearts and souls in their work, which is to entertain you.  The animation programs are conducted seven days a week and are thematically divided into :
·         sports;
·         children;
·         evening, cultural entertainment.
When the weather is nice, the daily entertainment is organised at the pool. When it is bad - in the foyer of the hotel.
The evening programs are performed on the amphitheater stage of the Laguna Park Hotel. They are quite varied and each of our guests may choose something of interest:
·         comedy show;
·         variety show;
·         "men against women" show.
·         dancing show;
·         magic show.
·         folklore program;
·         Contest miss/mister "Laguna park";
·         bingo. 

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