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Sports, dance, group games, special entertainment and animations in bad and rainy weather, even lessons in Bulgarian for foreigners; the team of the Laguna Park Hotel has taken care of everything.
See what free entertainments are available to our guest:
Table tennis - a play with only one partner or as a pair is a great entertainment in the afternoon.
Darts - one or two games with your friends will elevate your mood.
Archery - a non-traditional sport, which attracts children and adults. Try to hit the target. Simply go to the park near the pool and arm yourself with a bow and arrows.
Mini golf - this game is also suitable for both adults and children. The Golf Course is located in the park next to the swimming pool.
Volleyball - play with your friends or join unknown players and have fun on the playground in the park.
Water gymnastics and water volleyball can be played in the main pool. Join the game, if you prefer not to go out of the water on warm days.
Zumba dances, cocktail game, antistress gymnastics, stretching, quizzes and music games - get involved in as many entertainments and games as possible. Thus you will find new friends and will be charged with energy.
Free Wi-fi can be used in the foyer in front of the reception. Sit comfortably in the armchairs and surf as much as you would like.
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