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True, the sea is very near, but if you prefer to enjoy the view of it while walking, and to swim in a pool, you're in the right place. The Laguna Park Hotel has 3 swimming pools.
Main swimming pool - 350 m3, surrounded by sun beds  and greenery. It is located close to the main building and is the favourite place of all of the guests of the hotel.
The second pool is smaller - 240 m3, and there are 150 sun beds around it. It is located in front of the main building and block D.  Near it there is  a fantastic bar, from which you can take a refreshing drink. Trust the bartenders' choice - they are experts on cocktails.
The Children's Pool is suitable for children from an early age to puberty. It is 120m3 and is located next to the main pool, so that it's convenient for you to keep an eye on your children, while you are relaxing.


Children’s pool Octopus – it is specially designed for the youngest guests of the hotel.

There is a blue Octopus in its center – a slide that instantly becomes the favorite kid’s

entertainment. Its location is chosen with a view to your comfort. So, if you don’t feel like

resting on a lounge chair at the pool, you can also keep an eye on your dearest from the

relax area.

Various animated programs for children and adults are organized around the three swimming pools. There are numerous water facilities for the entertainment of adults and children. 

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